Tuscany Under the Bridge – Sutton Place as a Dining Destination

Manhattan is a conglomerate of small neighborhoods, with Sutton Place arguably one of the best known. It is an area recognized for its quiet-tree lined streets, parks overlooking the East River and the omnipresent Queensboro Bridge, but never for its restaurants. I would like to change that with the addition of a dynamic element to the current dining scene that enlivens the entire community and puts Sutton Place on the map as a dining destination.

It is time that the Sutton residents do not have to leave the neighborhood to enjoy fine Italian dining and experience foods prepared in a manner never available here. My goal is to revitalize the culinary image of this area, drawing on my passion for gastronomic excellence and the truly original style of Tuscan cooking.

 Ingredients are the essence of Tuscan cuisine. Once you get the freshest ingredients, the most important work has been done. Thus, whether transporting heirloom tomatoes directly from a farm on the North Fork of Long Island, or sourcing wild striped bass from local fishermen in Montauk, we go to extremes to ensure that the freshest seasonal ingredients are used in our dishes and that Morso’s menus reflect the finest flavors of the changing seasons.  

Through attractively priced cooking demonstrations, lunch menus, available-all-day bar menus and “morso” dinner portions, I am making the cuisine of my homeland accessible to all. To top it off, Morso’s Garden Terrace, one of the best al fresco dining venues on the East side, allows our guests to indulge in the time-honored Tuscan pastime of outdoor dining.

Tucked away in a convenient location at the foot of the Queensboro Bridge, I like to think of Morso as a bit of Tuscany Under the Bridge. I hope you will come to think of it that way too!