More Than Just A Restaurant

The Tuscan approach to food is joyous and totally free of rigid rules. Our food has never become an institution – in fact, the inspiration for a good Tuscan restaurant is home cooking. I have said many times, the real flavors of the region are from the many family-run trattorias in our small towns and villages. These places are really the soul of Tuscan gastronomy.

This belief  was the cornerstone of my first restaurant,  Il Cantinori, and some 30 years later is at the heart of Morso. To me, cooking is about the pleasure of creating something you want to share with the people you care most about. A good restaurant will have a very strong personal feeling, but it is not all about the food – it is about the energy, the passion and the performance.  That experience is what I have created at Morso. I invite you to come by and see for yourself. I will be there to welcome you.