‘Tiny Bites’ of News From Morso


“There is an air of anticipation which begins in March and runs right through April when we begin looking ahead to sunny skies and leaving the bleak grey of winter behind. It is a very liberating time when we can strip off the heavy clothes and have our limbs freed up for the first time. We look forward to that perfect time each year when we first realize that suddenly, it’s not winter anymore.” – Pino Luongo, Simply Tuscan

Between now and the time “it’s not winter anymore,” we are lucky to have one of Chef Pino’s engaging cooking demonstrations. Take a glance at the menu below and make your reservation for what promises to be a highlight of our Morso Monday series.




Blood Orange & Fennel Salad,

First Demo 

Tagliolini al Pesto con Vegetali,

  homemade pasta with vegetable, finished with a light pesto sauce 

 Second Demo

Tonno Scottato,

 pan seared tuna with a salad of string beans, tomatoes, avocado, and a citrus marinade 


Reserve now to ensure your place at Pino’s table!

Time: 7:00 pm

Cost: $65 per person (price is not inclusive of tax and gratuity)