‘Tiny Bites’ of News from Morso


Cotechino with Lentils (Cotechino con Lenticchie) was on the Morso menu as a traditional holiday special on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve and will be a featured special again on the New Year’s Day dinner menu.  In fact, in his book Simply Tuscan, Chef Pino calls Cotechino with Lentils the one essential dish to have on New Year’s Day.  But does anyone know the tradition behind the emphasis on this particular dish?

Its origin is in the myriad New Year’s Celebrations and Festivals held throughout Italy.  These humble legumes represent coins and symbolize money and good fortune. Pork, on the other hand symbolizes the richness of life.  Together, these two foods represent prosperity, good fortune and the promise of a richer life in the coming year. 

Cotechino with Lentils is pork-filled sausage served with lentils and sabayon flavored with balsamic vinegar. According to Chef Pino, “Not only is this dish a tradition on New Year’s Day; it’s actually bad luck not to have it.  If you’ve found bad luck in your life over the last few years, try starting the New Year with this dish and see if it helps.”