‘Tiny Bites’ of News from Morso


Everything about food changes in the fall. Even the color of our food changes. No longer do we have the great greens and reds of spring and summer. Instead we are left with the oranges of pumpkins and squashes, the browns of nuts and mushrooms, the deep purple of beets, the soft beiges of potatoes and turnips. In the spring and summer we have food that can be devoured raw or after a quick sauté, now we have ingredients that have to be slow-cooked to soften them or draw out their moisture and concentrate their flavor. Yet I find myself nostalgic for fall vegetables every year. In fact it’s my favorite time in which to cook and eat.

Fall recipes are richer and heartier as you will taste in the special new items on Morso’s fall menu which will debut tonight. You will also be able to sample fall fare at the next Cooking Demo on Monday, October 28.

Among my favorites on the new menu are:


Anatra Arrosto

– Moscovy duck, vertically roasted, vermouth sauce, served with roasted pears & braised kale


Pasta with veal, mushroom ragu and sage, served with parmigiano cheese

And  for the Soup of the Day, you will often find…


– A thick bread and vegetable soup, with beans, zucchini, Tuscan kale, cauliflower, purple cabbage, swiss chard & spinach.


Consider this my personal invitation to stop by Morso and sample the new items on our fall menu, or simply enjoy your established favorites.  Then let me know which ones you like best.