SALADS & SOUPS                

CAESAR SALAD, romaine lettuce, anchovies, parmesan cheese, made a la minute     /13

FARRO, roasted mushrooms, arugula, tomatoes & basil     /13

Tricolore, radicchio, endive, arugula, with parmesan cheese shavings, red wine vinaigrette     /13

CARCIOFI CRUDI, raw artichokes, fennel, black olives, arugula, parmesan cheese shavings     /13

SOUP, preparation changes daily          P.A.


PASTAS BAKED & MORE                                           

MACCHERONI, with a four cheese gratin     /13

LASAGNA DI CARNE, meat lasagna     /14

CANNELLONI, filled with spinach & ricotta, topped with tomato sauce & parmesan cheese     /13

SPAGHETTI RUSTICA, caramelized  onions, tomato sauce, parmesan cheese     /13

BUCATINI CACIO E PEPE, pecorino cheese, black pepper sauce     /14                      

RIGATONI BUTTERA, peas, cream hot & sweet sausage, peas, touch of cream     /14


FOCACCIA (OPEN FACED PANINI)                    

POLLO ALLA GRIGLIA, chicken breast, grilled, topped with grilled portobello mushrooms & fontina cheese, over focaccia     /15

POLPETTE, chicken & ricotta meatballs, stewed tomato & wax beans, over focaccia     /14

POLLO MILANESE, breaded & fried chicken cutlet with mayonnaise & pickled vegetables     /15


CONTORNI, SIDE ORDERS                             8

(Sautéed in Garlic & Olive Oil )

Tuscan fries, Broccoli Rabe, Braised Kale, String Beans



FRITTATA DI FUNGHI E CIPOLLE, mushroom & onion omellete     /13

FRITTATA DI POMODORINI E ZUCCHINE, roasted cherry tomato & zucchini omellete     /13

FRITTATA, goat cheese omellete topped with mixed greens     /13



STRACCETTI DI MANZO, skirt steak marinated & grilled, served with arugula & parmesan cheese     /18

BISTECCHINA, grilled beef paillard, served witharugula & Tuscan Fries     /22

SALMONE, oven roasted, with sautéed broccoli rabe     /16

Sardine alla griglia, Portugal sardines, with fennel, raisins, pignoli nuts & dill     /16    

PESCATO DEL GIORNO, Fish of the Day    P.A.

(Preparation changes daily)



Belgian waffle with fruit compote, Vermont maple syrup & cured bacon or sausage

Chocolate chip pancakes with fruit compote, Vermont maple syrup& cured bacon or sausage

Brioche french toast with fruit compote, Vermont maple syrup & cured bacon or sausage

**Choice of Bacon & Sausage additional $2.00