Christmas Eve At Morso

Ezma, the staff and I invite you to join us for Christmas Eve dinner at Morso. The current late fall/winter menu will be served complete with seasonal holiday favorites offered as specials.

As a unique treat this year, we will showcase the Italian Christmas Eve custom of the Feast of the Seven Fishes. Everyone who wants to can celebrate the Feast, as seven fish dishes will be available as individual specials on the menu. You can order one, two, three or as many as you can manage to eat in one sitting.

There are many explanations of where the number seven in the Feast originates. So whether you agree with my theory (as a former resident of Rome) that it is derived from the Seven Hills of Rome or whether you ascribe a more biblical origin to the number, that topic alone will ensure a lively discussion at the table.

We hope we have the opportunity to welcome you and to make dinner at Morso one of your Christmas Eve traditions.